The Power of Sustainability Objectives, join Quadrant in Protecting Our Oceans

Underwater Life

As humans, we are intrinsically connected to the health of our oceans. With the rise of pollution, plastic waste, and the effects of climate change, it's crucial that we take action to protect our planet's oceans. However, it's not always easy to make a difference in our busy lives. That's where Quadrant comes in. By choosing to sail with us, you can become a key player in preserving the ocean environment that is vital to our planet's prosperity.

Sustainability Objectives

At Quadrant, we understand that the enjoyment of sailing carries a responsibility to the element we find ourselves in, as well as the local and national community that supports us. Our team is dedicated to following strict ecological regimes in accordance with the Blue Economy policy. This means that we avoid the use of one-use plastics and instead only use biodegradable, non-polluting products.

In addition to our onboard sustainability efforts, Quadrant also donates a portion of your charter fees to chosen charitable organisations that are working towards cleaning up and protecting our oceans. As a guest on our vessel, you become a part of this mission, contributing to the solution in a meaningful way.

Supporting the Blue and Circular Economy

Quadrant believes in the power of the Blue and Circular economy. This economic model focuses on the sustainable use and preservation of ocean resources, while also promoting economic growth and job creation. By being a part of the Blue and Circular economy, we not only protect the environment but also provide opportunities for local communities to thrive.

 Empowering Disadvantaged Youth

We understand that not everyone has equal access to opportunities and experiences. That's why Quadrant has created an annual encouragement program in the Algarve region, working with local educational authorities to provide short day trips for educationally challenged and socially disadvantaged youth. These outings give young people the chance to become involved in the organisational and technical skills of sailing a large vessel, providing them with a unique and inspiring experience.

Clean and safe
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Turismo de Portugal  RNAAT Registo nº : 344/2022


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