Discovering the Stunning and Diverse Atlantic Coast of the Algarve

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The Algarve coast spans almost 200 km from the Point of Sagres to the river Guadiana on the border of Portugal with Spain, offering a world of discovery along the coastline from East to West. The stunning and diverse Atlantic coast of the Algarve is an ideal destination for those seeking a personalised sailing experience.

A World of Possibilities departing from Lagos with Quadrant Algarve Charters

Sail along the spectacular and diverse Atlantic coast of the Algarve, and experience the beauty of the Portuguese coast like never before. The planning of long charters is always personalised to each guest group, and together with our prospective clients, we will arrange an itinerary to best meet your highest expectations. A typical plan is a mixture of marina stays and night anchorages, offering the most complete sailing enlightenment. But for those seeking a more unique and peaceful trip, anchoring under the stars in a quiet anchorage of natural beauty is also an option.

The Ideal Duration of a Charter

Due to the relatively short distance of the coastline and vast differences in wind strength along the coast, we have found that a four-day charter is usually the ideal long charter duration. However, anything over that time period is always open for consideration. Over the years, the most popular choice has been our four-day Culatara charter, taking in the best of the Algarve, with a mixture of modernity and natural scenery. Ilha da Culatra is a barrier Island accessible only by boat and ferry, benefitting from a mixture of pristine beaches and typical Portuguese restaurants.

Catering Options

To cater to the needs of longer charters, we offer several catering options, including onboard catering, restaurant planning, or a combination of both. Our FAQ page provides more details on the options available. If you have any extra preferences, we are available for contact to discuss them. 

2 Days €1,781.00

3 Days €2,671.00

4 Days €3,562.00

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