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Safe Boat Rental in Lagos and the Algarve

04/04/2023 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. 

The 2023 holiday season is fast approaching in the Algarve and one of the activities high on the list for our visitors will be an outing on the water. The Algarvian coastline is famed for its variance in landscape and unique beauty of being able to be easily appreciated from the water.

It could be a simple kayak trip and stand-up paddle board adventure or the most popular a boat trip of some form. Maybe a dolphin-watching trip, a grotto tour, or a private boat charter. And here are some things to keep in mind when planning for your loved ones and family.

I personally have been very fortunate to have been involved in this industry in the Algarve for the past 20 years, mainly concentrated on the private charter business, having run them for other companies to now specialising in my own passion sailing.

When planning what is often the highlight of your stay in the Algarve, here are some pointers as to how to get the most enjoyable and most importantly safest experience for yourself and the ones who will be sharing with you this special moment.

Portugal and its Tourism board have thankfully some very rigid rules regarding to what is called Maritime Tourism Operators. On the boats operated, there are 2 letter symbols that must be displayed and only if they have the appropriate licences the most common being MT. Each operator and the boat(s) they operate are annually inspected. The operators must keep their liability insurance up to date and must demonstrate the validity to the governing authorities. Each boat is inspected to make sure that all safety measures are up to date, and fire extinguishers, flares and life rafts are in date. First aid kits must be fully provisioned and in date. Life jackets are adequate for the number of people the boat is authorised to carry, which is a collective of passengers and the crew needed to operate the vessel.

Before the departure of each trip, you should ideally have a full safety briefing as to where all safety equipment is located, in particular lifejackets, if you are not specifically required to wear one during your journey. It is important to remember that each vessel has a total limit as to how many people they can carry and may not go over that. I have been often asked in the past if a baby is part of that count, Yes, the total allowed includes all souls.

Today there are many ways of booking a charter. Directly from the operator, tour organisers and online platforms, but it is important to understand that the legalised and registered operators will have what is known as RNAAT registration number, in our case for example 344/2022. You as a consumer are perfectly entitled to access to all the information and we are obliged to show it to anyone who requests it.

There is also an opportunity to bareboat rent, or self-drive boat hire. Again, some strict rules apply, you must be a holder of a valid tidal water license. I promise you to present online courses or driving licenses as has happened in the past won't work. The most accepted license is in the form of an international certificate of competence (ICC), specific to the type of boat you want to rent. Any form of Yacht Charter or Boat rental in the Algarve and in our specific area of Lagos is required to abide by these rules with the object of keeping all safe on the water and with professional conduct with a view of giving you the best experience possible and enhancing your stay with us in the Algarve.

Our Boat Rental and Charters from Lagos are skippered only, where experience over the years and knowledge of the area offers you a  relaxed yet adventurous outing. If you want to take advantage of our annual Early Bird promotion which runs till the end of May 2023, offering a 10% discount on half-day and full-day charters, you can do so by using code EB 10 on our online booking platform. 

We all look forward to welcoming you to the Algarve in Portugal, old friends and new ones to be made.


8600-315 LAGOS


37º06'27"N 8º40'26"W

Clean and safe

Turismo de Portugal  RNAAT Registo nº : 344/2022


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