Discover the Beauty and History of The Algarve - Portugal's Paradise

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The Algarve, a region located in the southern part of Portugal, has long been a favourite destination for travellers from all over the world. With over two hundred kilometres of rugged coastline, the Algarve is a paradise for those seeking natural beauty, serenity, and adventure. From the multi-hued cliffs to impressive limestone formations, the Algarve has something to offer everyone.

Uncover the Beauty of The Algarve's Coastline

The Algarve over the years has been internationally distinguished and consistently gathered travel awards in recognition of its efforts in conservation, and for its high number of (FEE) awarded Blue Flag beaches, boasting an abundance of biodiversity, with a range of breathtaking landscapes and scenic rock formations that are a must-visit for any nature lover. The journey from Lagos to Sagres takes you to the west of the Algarve, where you'll be amazed by the red-brown sandstone cliffs that appear purple at times. Along the way, you'll find small bays and deserted beaches, perfect for secluded anchorages.

Travelling to the east of Lagos towards Faro, you'll find impressive limestone rock formations overlooking the sea, with small hidden inlets, and caves formed by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. This panorama is occasionally interrupted by large bays of sandy beaches, protected by dunes, making it a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. The accompanying Serra de Monchique mountains provide a perfect backdrop to this stunning landscape.

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Explore the historical city of Lagos

Lagos is the Western half of the Algarve, also known as the "Barlavento." With a rich history dating back 2500 years, Lagos has been home to Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Lagos played a significant role in Portugal's Discoveries period as a staging point for Henry the Navigator and the famous explorer Vasco da Gama.

Today, the city of Lagos is a modern hub with a sophisticated infrastructure of fine restaurants, bars, and cultural exhibitions. With a short 45-minute drive from Faro airport, it's the perfect place for those seeking an active vacation, with a range of water sports, hiking, cycling, and golfing activities available. Here are some of our suggestions with an option for all. Lagos is also home to three of the Algarve's most spectacular beaches, including Meia Praia, Porto Do Mos, and Ponta da Piedade. 

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